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Lights Camera Action

October 31, 2011 29 comments

I believe people who succeed are the ones who know what they want to do. They have it figured out and they stick to the plan. Good writers also have a category of writing that they stick to and excel in. I doubt Stephen King, the master of thrillers, would have been as successful if he authored romance novels.  I do not suppose Oyunga Pala would have been as successful if he wrote about recipes. I plan to write and as I mentioned this to my friends, each one would ask me what it is that I want to write about. I did not have a clear answer. I have taken some time to think about this and I still do not have a clear answer. But this will not stop me. I am not aspiring to be the next Jeffrey Archer; I just want to write for the sake of it. For me things always come out better when I write. And no I’m not the shy kind and neither am I an introvert. It’s just that when I write I can always stop and think of the best word or a catchy phrase to use. People would think I am a retard if I kept on pausing in the middle of conversations to recall that vocabulary. You get my point now?

You see my mind is as intricate and complex as a rocket’s engine (or whatever it is that propels that thing vertically to the moon). I always have so much activity going on upstairs. I like to look into things and analyze. I notice minor details and I am very perceptive. I have a keen ear and I am very observant. And it is for this reason that I want to write. This blog will be my reservoir.

I have never been much of a writer; unless emails, IMs and texts count. As a matter of fact I hated composition writing since primary school. I felt it was too limiting. I did not understand why my teacher would make me write about my visit to my grandmother’s while I wanted to write about my trip to Lunar Park! They always picked some weird topics those teachers. The forty minutes allocated for a composition was also too short for me. I did not have enough time to plan and organize my thoughts and as a result my writing was characterized by disjointed, unrelated sentences and paragraphs. I am glad I’m not being timed in this blog; and no one will tell me to write 800 words on the importance of cows to mankind.

The best thing about a blog is you can write about whatever you feel like. You are your own master. No one controls you. I will therefore write about anything and everything. I will pour my thoughts on this blog. I will search for answers and provide answers here. I will write about people.  I will write about real events and experiences. On other occasions I will create characters and write fictional stories. Some posts will be so contentious you will want to come after me with a tyre. Some will be so heartwrenching and heartbreaking they will bring tears to the eyes of the emotional. Wait, don’t blacklist this page just yet: On a blessed Sunday afternoon I will write something that will empower and uplift you. Whenever I’m jovial I will write stories will make you smile and feel good about yourself. When I feel introspective I will write articles that will give you a new perspective of life. I think the only topic that I will not touch is my boss. I still need my job you know. But Mr. Boss just so you know, for a salary raise I will write an article titled ‘My heaven-sent boss’.

I have to say that I am very excited about this. I do not have to do this but I want to. No one twisted my arm or threatened me into starting a blog. I feel like all my life I have been made to do things; like I have been living for someone else. My parents bought me uniform, books and a big bag and forced me to wake up early every morning to go to school. It is a good thing, but at four years old I would have preferred to stay at home and bond with my toys, break a glass or two and give the house girl a hard time just to see her cry. This morning when my alarm went off I was tempted to switch off the phone, put it under the mattress just in case, and go back to sleep. But the company I work for is not my grandfather’s; and somehow Steve Jobs left out my name in his will.  I had to get my ass out of bed and go to work. I have to work and I had to go to school. I am excited because I don’t have to write and no one is making me do this. But it is something I am thrilled to do.

I am an I.T professional. People like me write source codes and if they have to blog, they write about Artificial Intelligence. I’m sure after taking me to a private university and spending a fortune, my dad expects me to be working on an application that will propel me to success. I should be working on my own ‘Facepad’ (sounds fancier than Facebook, don’t you think?); or being the mischievous me I should spend my free time trying to hack into someone’s systems. But I choose to write because this is what I feel like doing. And I hope to touch each one of you in one way or another.

I have to say I am much energized because I know I already have some friends who will enjoy every bit of this blog. Judy Chege and Anne Mbugua will enjoy my stories because they know me so well. Annette, Jacque Wambo and Shelmith couldn’t wait for the debut of this blog so I assume they will love it. Mercy Ngunjiri will enjoy reading my posts because whenever we meet we sit and talk for hours. Joy will enjoy my articles because she practically laughs at everything I say. Mercy Wanjiku will enjoy this blog because she finds my chats interesting. Lily will love this blog not only because she loves my texts but also because she is my girlfriend and she has to. I hope the boys will love it too. I hope you all will.

If you are half as excited as I am, bookmark this page and let me take your mind on a trip once in a while. If you’re not feeling this introductory post at all, immediately restart your computer then mark this page as your least favorite. For the readers, your constructive comments will be highly appreciated. Type a sentence or two and say what you think. I would be grateful for some feedback. I hope to post regularly; at least once a week. Next week I will start on a bit of a light note. My next post will be fictional. I will create a character and I will tell a story. I think I should call him Lenny. See you next Monday.