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Nairobians Let Us Take Charge

I am not a big fun of political discussions. More often than not these discussions rub people the wrong way and things tend to get too intense. But today I am compelled to deviate. I feel like there’s a thorn that is lodged in my foot and the only way to pull it out is to share what’s going through my mind. If I don’t communicate these thoughts I will not only have failed myself but also my state, the human race and every other organism on this planet.

Today morning I was at my bro’s place admiring their adorable new born son (and resisting the urge to bite his tiny fingers) when I received the distressing news that Ferdinand Waititu had won the TNA nominations after beating Jimnah Mbaru. Now this not the kind of news you want to hear on a blessed Saturday morning. It is especially not the kind of news you want a promising child to hear in the first week of its existence. You don’t know what it might do to the child’s perspective toward the universe. You don’t want a child’s first words to be, “I swear this world sucks!”  We were all distraught when we received the news. The little guy didn’t exactly articulate this but I could see it in his eyes.

It could be worse though. Much worse. Just take a minute and imagine seeing this headline on the dailies sometime in March…

Ferdinand Waititu Becomes The First Governor Of Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi.

Now that right there is the kind of headline that would turn me into a psychotic serial killer. It’s the kind of headline that would make a Bishop start serving Vodka to his congregation – and they wouldn’t mind. It’s that kind of headline that makes women start growing moustaches. Earthquakes and Tsunamis have been known to be triggered by such headlines. Heck the devil himself would probably throw in the towel and go like “To hell with this shit!” Then proceed to shoot himself in the head.

It’s just not right.

I simply can’t picture a world where Waititu is my Governor. Not even in the stone-age when he could have achieved his full potential. It doesn’t even sound right. Waititu should not be the Governor of Nairobi. I mean this is the kind of guy that leaves his office, perches at the back left of his car and instructs his chauffeur to drive him to the nearest obstreperous protest. His intention at this point is not to get there and apply a little diplomacy in an effort quell the riots like a true leader should. Nah. Waititu sits there stretching his triceps as he anticipates the opportunity of his lifetime… The chance to throw stones and hurl insults like an uneducated buffoon.


When a serious MP was contemplating how he would deal with insecurity in his constituency; or how he could create employment opportunities, Waititu was sitting in his office calculating how he was going to burst someone’s head open with a stone. In his desk he probably had a few stones which he would throw against the wall, you know, just to keep in shape.

Now picture this, as the Governor of Nairobi, Waititu would be expected to attend high profile conferences. He would meet with all the dignitaries that visit Nairobi on official duty. Can you picture Waititu sitting opposite Queen Elizabeth? What would in the world he say to her? How would he even say it? The queen doesn’t speak Kikuyu does she?

That’s the guy that stands the chance of being my Governor? If there’s a God in heaven…

Nairobi is not Mogadishu. This is one of Africa’s financial hubs. We need an intelligent representative. We can’t leave our treasured city in the hands of a frivolous hooligan. Nairobi would never forgive us. Our children and our generation don’t deserve the retribution. No one deserves it. Even the wild animals in Nairobi National Park know they deserve better.

I am consoling myself with the fact that it’s mainly idlers who showed up and voted for Waititu during these nominations. Most of us were either working or in lecture rooms. We have no excuse come March 4th. It doesn’t matter if it’ll be raining hailstones or the sun will be shining like it’s on a mission. Even if you’re unwell, unless you’re really dying, please come out and vote. Even if you’re suffering from diarrhea please leave your house and run to the beginning of the queue and explain yourself. Of course it will be easier for you if you carry a sample.

Let’s not leave the future of Nairobi to chance. For the sake of all that’s holy let us all come out and vote on the Election Day. At least let us do one right thing on that ballot paper. Regardless of your political party affiliations, let us be reasonable when it comes to the Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat.

I believe the much better option would be Dr. Evans Kidero. He looks like a pretty decent guy. He is intelligent and has a relatively good track record. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy that would carry stones in his briefcase. Or pockets. I am sure he will have the correct response when a dignitary turns to him and says, “How do you do Sir?” He won’t mumble something inaudible while looking away. He most certainly won’t say, “Mi sina wauwau.” I swear Waititu looks like the kind guy that would look at Obama and go like, “Eh kutweng nayo.”

Guys I can’t stress this enough; the future of this great city lies in our hands. Let us take responsibility.

  1. Myvotemyvoice
    January 19, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    And what exactly has Kidero done to qualify? I read somewhere that he is thug is a suit….. i think people are taking this win about waititu too seriously. We have elected people in the past,in higher offices than those of governors and all they did was steal from us,so putting so much faith in someone and painting such a dull picture about someone else,who has served his people and hence they came out to vote for ,in my opinion is narrow thinking.

    People fought for democracy,democracy prevailed,one man one vote.Would you rather Nairobi became like some other place ( which will remain unnamed ) where people lose and steal an election in broad day light? Were you going to vote for Jimna anyway ( since he is the one who lost to Waititu) or your preferred candidate was and remains EK? Just wondering.

  2. Francis Katambo
    January 19, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Spot on bro

  3. January 19, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    @Myvotemyvoice, when Kidero joined Mumias it was making losses of up to ksh500M. It has since been making profits every year. The company also started producing mega watts of electricity under his directorship. That to me is a great track record. Back to you, what developments has Waititu brought to his constituents in the past 5 years? How exactly has he served his people? What has he done with the Embakasi CDF?

    To answer your question, I was torn between Jimnah and Evans. Waititu does not belong in this league. He does not fit the bill. You write like a pretty smart guy, make the right choice.

    @Francis, thanks mate.

    • Myvotemyvoice
      January 20, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      I read this somewhere.

      “Embakasi was ranked 5th in CDF management under his tenure, he has done well building several health clinics, hospitals, upgrading roads and defending his people, that record must count for something”.

      I do not know if this true but there is something that makes people want him. It is not blind following.

      Then all this talk about middle class . Who is middle class exactly?

      • January 20, 2013 at 2:51 pm

        The middle class is the tax payers, the guys running this economy. The people that are paying the medical institutions via insurance for the whole country from their salaries.That is who the middle class is. Let not people take it as a cast system.

  4. January 19, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    It’s sad that you actually used that as an excuse for people not voting in Jimnah Mbaru . Everyone new the primaries were taking place but no one took it seriously except the mama mbogas and kanges. We love assumptions and last minutes .We have lost a good leader with a very strong entrepreneurial mind and someone that can develop Nairobi.I hope Kidero Evans can give us something of substance and run Nairobi well. We are letting the underclass make the decisions, the middle class has lost their say in changing the country’s future .

  5. Onajourney
    January 19, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    boss, you have through again…..Funny and true at the same time! You could see it in his eyes…….i can only imagine, probably that is why my nephew was (very)cranky in hosi today, not the many injections that he has been subjected to.

    Well said……blogged!

  6. January 20, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    “Mi sina wauwau.” Hahahaha… Priceless! Evil, but priceless. This was so bloody hilarious Joey, you should do it more often.

    On to matters (im)politic, Jimnah was never going to win the nomination because those that favour him, on account of his ‘business acumen’, are too apathetic to go out and get involved in messy party matters. They’d rather sit at home and moan at the TV. Ahem… (I’m mocking us all, because I’m guessing no one here went to vote on Thursday.) Waititu did what he needed to get the ticket, and come March he may very well win, because the ‘underclass’ (really?) outnumbers the ‘middle class’, they with all their fancy talk of good governance and such like civil society blather. That’s why Gumo kept winning all those years, no? And in a constituency more cosmopolitan than all others, to boot. Again, ahem…

  7. Myvotemyvoice
    January 22, 2013 at 11:52 am

    After the interviews where Kidero has blundered big time,are you still rooting for him Joeytales?

  8. Anonymous
    February 3, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Yaani you came back & did not care to let your old pals know? (that’s not a complaint though. Welcome back Joey)

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