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When I wrote the first part of Lenny I never planned to come up with a sequel. But there are a few readers that loved it so much they relentlessly insisted on a continuation. I therefore came up with the second part and although I intended to end the story there, I couldn’t manage to wrap it up. It recently occurred to me that I could do a story on Lenny at least once a month and see where it goes. Fans, here is part three.

When Valentine said that she was glad she had joined Lenny for a drink that evening, he took it as a casual compliment. He simply grunted as he emptied a beer bottle into his glass. But when he turned towards Valentine, her eyes were fixed on him. There was an air of sultriness in them. It’s like she was looking into his eyes, but not quite staring. That’s when Lenny realized that her compliment was not a whimsical one. Words deserted him. His mouth remained agape. Her soul-penetrating eyes seemed to lure him towards her. Her slightly parted lips were inviting. He was enchanted.

It all started earlier that day when Lenny phoned Valentine at lunch hour. She sounded downcast citing that she was having a bad day at work. She jestingly said that the devil had possessed her boss and he was giving her hell. Lenny told her that he had a brilliant idea that would help relieve all that stress. It involved buying her a drink after work.

She agreed, almost half-heartedly.

After lunch, the three hours between two and five seemed overstretched. Lenny would glance at his watch every few minutes. He didn’t get much work done that afternoon. He was utterly distracted. At some point he gave up on trying to be productive and resigned to assessing bars. Despite the fact that it was a bad time of the month, he settled on an upscale one. Being a Wednesday, overcrowding was not likely to be an issue. He simply wanted a bar and restaurant with a welcoming, warm setting. Once decided, he texted Valentine the name of the place and said he would be waiting for her at the balcony.

At quarter to 5pm, he couldn’t take it anymore. He snuck out of the office and drove to the rendezvous which was only a few blocks from Valentine’s workplace. Half an hour later, he was there. He walked through the restaurant on the ground floor toward a flight of stairs, went up and took a sit at a table on the balcony. An attendant approached him and he asked for his favorite beer. He then took out his phone and called Valentine. She said she was submitting a report then she would be on her way.

Lenny was excited. He had not seen her since the encounter at the supermarket one and a half months ago. He called her frequently but he never once asked to see her. Perhaps, the nasty incidence at the restaurant still haunted him. That evening, he consoled himself with the fact that impromptu plans always worked out well for him. He gazed down at the bustling streets hoping to spot his date from a distance. His mind raced as he tried to picture how she would look like.

Twenty minutes later, he spotted her from a distance as she walked briskly towards the bar. Even from afar, she looked elegant. She was in a pantsuit, stiletto heels and a trench coat that she had left open. A coach bag hang on her left shoulder. Lenny spotted men turning for a second glance as she walked by nonchalantly. He broke a smile.

Her face lightened up when she saw him. He stood up as she walked towards him and took her in a warm embrace. The fragrance of her perfume was subduing. She placed her handbag on the table and proceeded to take off her coat. He realized he should have been the one to take it off. But he would have many more chances to impress her as the evening progressed.

As they both took their seats, Lenny jokingly said that he hoped Valentine had not set her boss’ office on fire before leaving the workplace. He said he didn’t want any cops interrupting their evening. She let out a hearty laughter before saying that the thought had crossed her mind. She then asked him if he knew any hit man she could hire.

Whenever Lenny was out on a date, he had a goal in mind. His only goal was to take the girl to bed within the shortest time possible. Every statement that came from his mouth was tailored towards achieving this target. He would create a whole new persona in a bid to seduce his date. He would brag about things he had and those that only existed in his dreams. He never meant anything he said and feigned interest in his dates.

However, on this particular night the only mission he had was to spend time with Valentine. Watching her enjoy herself melted his heart. As much as he wouldn’t show it, every time Valentine burst out laughing he was tempted to perform the Windeck dance. Whenever she spoke, he would listen attentively and ask follow up questions. Even when she talked about her cat Tommy. All in all, Valentine was charming and she spoke with conviction. Listening to her talk was sweet music to Lenny’s ears.

By 9pm, the rain was coming down in sheets. Streetlamps illuminated the raindrops resulting in a spectacular spectacle. The ambiance at the balcony was serene. The music was not so loud as to impede conversation, but was loud enough for a little head bumping. The air was fresh and unadulterated. A light breeze caused a tingling sensation as it grazed the cheeks. Lenny had chosen the ideal spot.

It was all going smoothly. Valentine and Lenny were cherishing each other’s company. She was seated on his left with her face turned towards him and her chin resting on her palm, not as an expression of poignancy, but in an enthralled fashion. Lenny’s entire body was turned towards her. They shared stories ranging from life experiences to personal opinions and perceptions. Whenever Lenny spoke, Valentine would listen ardently, her eyes never leaving his face. She nodded, smiled and laughed as he engaged her. Occasionally she would instinctively reach for her glass for a sip of her cocktail.

And then she let it out. A simple expression that carried so much weight. It was not exactly what she said but how she said it that changed the course of the evening. As they sat there with their eyes locked, only one thing was going through Lenny’s mind. A strong force was impelling him towards her. He was like a canoe that was being drifted downstream by a strong current. His head inched closer to hers. When their lips were just a few inches apart, Valentine lowered her head. Lenny bit his lip and sat back on his seat. An uncomfortable silence followed.

Valentine cleared her throat and said that she needed to be on her way since she needed to be at work early the next day. She glanced at the bill and took out her purse but Lenny insisted that he would take care of it. He offered her a ride home but she declined claiming that it would be too much trouble for him since they lived on opposite sides of town.

They walked out of the bar without saying much. They approached a taxi and Lenny opened the back door. Before Valentine could get in, she turned to him. She pushed her hair out of her face, moved closer to him and put both her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. With her cheek against his, she whispered, “Thanks for a good time.” She then got into the cab and left.

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  1. BloodMoon
    April 23, 2012 at 8:31 am

    suspense nayo? sequel!

  2. thatguy
    April 23, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Windek dance….. screw you joeytales……….suspense much. i will be patient!

  3. Sikalili
    April 23, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Looking forward to the next sequel good stuff!!!!!

  4. thatguy
    April 23, 2012 at 10:55 am

    so the next is tomorrow……..

  5. TheObserver
    April 23, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    tomorrow am back here for the next,…tukubaliane,sio suspense namna this

  6. April 24, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Patience people. Patience. It’s only one month.

  7. Liberty
    August 22, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Damn you’re good,really really good!!!!

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