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The apple of his eye

She was seated next to the window at the far end of the library. She always picked that same spot when she went to do her studies. Maybe Financial Accounting made more sense when she sat there. Her eyes were fixed on her books. Not once would you catch them wondering about aimlessly. She was consumed by the books before her. She always was.

He was seated on the other end. He was in the company of some noisy folks. They were murmuring while stealing glances at her. They had been gawking at her since the beginning of the semester. Whenever she passed by, on her way to class or dining hall, the subject of the conversation would change. She always stole the show. Her beauty stupefied the boys. She was light in complexion and had a very pretty face. Even in her buibui (Joe labs, Kaitlin; that’s Swahili for abaya), her curves were still noticeable. But she was very reserved and discreet. She was something of an enigma. And this baffled the boys.

That evening at the library, one boy was feeling chivalrous. After watching her for a while, he got up from his seat and walked across the library to meet her. He pulled a seat next to her and greeted her casually. She looked surprised. He introduced himself and admittedly told her that he was interested in getting to know her. She was not so charmed. She was not up for a tete-a-tete, and did not hide the fact. Moments later he excused himself but promised to be saying hallo when they met around campus. He had gotten a name though.

True to his word, he always said hi whenever they walked by each other. Occasionally he would stop her and ask how she was doing and attempt to make her smile by saying something witty. But he couldn’t really manage to break the ice. It was a gigantic ice block. Bigger than the one that sank the Titanic. She could break a smile once in a while, but she never showed much interest.

On his last semester, he chose a marketing elective. Coincidentally, she was also taking the class. He would always look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when they had the lesson, not because the lecturer was so fascinating, but simply because he would be in her presence for two good hours. He however never really thought he had a chance. He was the boisterous kind, and she was a reserved Muslim lady.

He completed his course and left campus.

One evening, a month after leaving campus, he logged into facebook and saw a friend request from her. He was ecstatic. He accepted it immediately and wrote her a message. Not one of those “thanks for the friend request” but a well thought out message. He wrote about that day at the library, and joked about how alarmed she had been when he approached her. If he had moved an inch closer she would have fled through the window. He asked her if he looked like he was about to propose to her. It took him forty minutes to come up with a one paragraph message. He proof-read it like ten times, then clicked the send button.

The next day there was a reply sitting in his inbox. He was impressed to see she had also typed out a whole paragraph. She had found his message humorous. And she admitted she was a bit scared that day since she had just been caught off-guard. She asked how come he was not in session.

He read the message over and over, and was glad the computer monitor didn’t make her as shy as his face did. He excitedly typed another message. And she replied. It became a ritual. They would write each other every day. He always took time to write each message. He had to keep her interested.

One Friday evening he asked her to go online. She did. His fingers were glued to the keyboard, and his eyes fixed on the screen for the next six hours, till late into the night. Same thing happened the next Friday. It became a convention. She would open up to him and they would share intimate stories.

This one time he told her that he remembers the very first time he laid his eyes on her, and he shared the account. It was on a Friday and they were both leaving campus. The time of the day was around 10am. They had been waiting for the bus at the gate for a while. When the bus came, he boarded and took a sit somewhere in the middle sits. She sat at the front. They were the only passengers. She was in a buibui and her head was partly covered by a hijab. But he still got a glimpse of her face. He thought she was very pretty. He did not talk to her though. What would he have said? “Hey it’s Friday! Cheers to the freaking weekend…” Nah.

But to his surprise, she disclosed that she remembered that day too. And she vividly recollected the episode!

He had not expected such a response. It occurred to him that he’d always had a chance. He solemnly swore to himself to pursue her tenaciously. Her admission had elevated their relationship to another level. A grander one. She had not only noticed him that day, she recounted the occasion with lucid precision.

He took the chance to ask her for a date. They agreed to meet the following Tuesday since only had one class then. And before she signed out from chat, he asked her for her number so he could say goodnight over the phone. Immediately, she went offline. He was nonplussed. He had not seen that coming. He sent her a message and grumbled. He asked her what kind of a person she thought he was. He told her he had assumed she thought more of him.

As soon as he’d pressed the send button, she came back online and apologized for the network connectivity issues, and gave him her number. He wished he could retract the message. But it was too late, and he confessed before she saw it. She did not fuss about it as he had expected. She said it would be great if he called.

The phone rang twice before it was picked. His could feel his heart beating in his chest.

“Hey, it’s good to finally get to hear your voice after such a long time,” he said.
She chuckled softly but did not say anything.

“Anyway I thought it would be nice to wish you a goodnight in person and to hear that voice,” he continued. He then wished her a goodnight. She was quite shy over the phone. She did not have the same enthusiasm she had on chat. This threw him off balance.

Nonetheless he looked forward to the date. He was fond of her, and he knew he had significantly grown on her.

When the day came and he was halfway on his way to meet her, she canceled the date. He was disappointed. He alighted from the matatu (that’s Kenyan for our common means of transport), crossed the road, and took another one back home. Later in the evening she sensed she had upset him and apologized profusely. She said she would be available the next Tuesday.

He had always been comfortable with the ladies. But the following Tuesday, as he stood at the rendezvous waiting for her, his stomach was churning. It even got worse when it started raining. He soon saw her across the road. She was in blue jeans and a white blouse. No buibui. Her umbrella was messed up and she was being rained on. She sighted him and as she walked towards him, he could see the tension on her face. He smiled as she got to him and hugged her. In an effort to melt the ice, he cracked a joke about the umbrella situation. He told her they need to invest in a proper umbrella. He put his arm around her and held her arm as they walked to a nearby restaurant.

They had pizza and a soft drink. She did not speak much during the date. Her sentences were brief. He could tell she was not used to male company. She however managed several fits of laughter. She would laugh heartily at his jokes. She would try to suppress the chuckles but once in a while she would laugh out loud.

He loved it.

An hour and a half later he walked her to the matatu terminal. Before she boarded, as he was hugging her, he told her he had had a wonderful time and was glad she had made it. On his way home he received a text from her. She said she had a wonderful time too and thanked him.

His heart leaped with joy.

They would communicate regularly. She was shy on phone but much more confident on chat and texts. He would compliment her as they chatted, and she would return the favor. He told her he thought she was really pretty. That her laughter was like soothing music to his ears. He confessed that chatting with her made him feel alive. And at one point he dropped the bomb and told her he really liked her.

She told him that she loved the way he always made her laugh, that he brightened her days. She thought he was good looking. And she admitted that she liked him too.

He was elated.

They would meet every Tuesday. With every meeting, she would become more and more comfortable around him. She even suggested he walks her home instead of taking a matatu. She lived at Museum Hill, a few kilometers from town. They enjoyed each other’s company. They would stroll while talking about anything and everything. She would even hold his hand. And when they got to her gate, he would try to kiss her on her lips but she opted for a hug. It was however not just the regular hug. She would extend it just a little longer as she held onto him.

Then one day he invited her to his place. They agreed she would skip class the following Tuesday and visit him. He was still unemployed and he lived off his brother. He looked forward to the following week with bated breath.

When Tuesday came, he lost sleep in the wee hours of the morning. His mind was racing. He was thinking about his visitor. And as soon as his brother left for work, he got out of bed, tidied the house and took a bath. Just before 8am, she called him and he went to pick her at the stage. They were both tense as they got into the house. He welcomed her, switched on the tv, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

After breakfast he proposed they watch a movie. He showed her a list of movies in the computer and she picked a Tyler Perry movie. They sat on the same couch. At some point during the movie, he stretched out his arm and she leaned on him.

When the movie ended, there was so much tension you could cut it with a knife. An uncomfortable silence filled the room. They however read each other’s minds in the silence. He looked at her, and she lowered her eyes. He went for a kiss. This time she did not offer her cheek. She closed her eyes as their lips touched. It was magical. He felt like a teenager who was kissing a girl for the first time. He did not want to overdo it the first time around so after a few seconds he pulled back. But to his surprise she put her arms around his neck and pulled him back into the action. She had kept her feelings bottled up for so long and she couldn’t suppress them anymore. They enjoyed each other’s company and had a wonderful day.

A passionate relationship blossomed.

In time, she completely opened up and let him into her world. She threw caution to the wind and offered her heart to him. She gave him her trust and fell for him like she had never thought possible. She says he transformed her. That she never thought she would ever have such intense feelings toward a man. She says it feels right. She tells him that he makes her so happy. And whenever he holds her she tells him that she wants him to hold her forever. She is never sad when she is with him. And when he is away she longs for the day she will see him again.

She is engraved in his heart too. He knows he found something special. Something that money would never buy. He knows he is a lucky man. She is everything he would ever ask for. No one understands him like she does. He reveals his true self when he is with her without feeling exposed. He tells her things he could never tell anyone else. She thinks more of him than he does of himself. And he feels like he could achieve anything as long as he has her by his side. No mountain is too big. He knows she is the best thing to have ever happened to him. He has his imperfections. But everyday he thanks God for bringing her into his life, and keeping her in it. She is the apple of his eye.

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  1. lily
    December 12, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    u did it again once aain uve made my monday complete 🙂

  2. fibz
    December 12, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    me like, may God lead ’em’ to marriage!

  3. No 1 fan
    December 13, 2011 at 8:18 am

    u were right..i am inspired….:-) and secretly envious of the lady in a bui bui 🙂

    • December 15, 2011 at 7:15 pm

      Hehe i’m envious of that guy too!

  4. Rita Murugi
    December 13, 2011 at 8:44 am

    Omg…i love i love i love,its damn romantic n touching!!!it felt so real n thus i wish the two love birds the best!!!

    • December 15, 2011 at 7:26 pm

      You know I wrote this because you insisted on a post that has a happy ending. I’m glad you loved it and I wish the love birds the best too!

  5. emilita
    December 13, 2011 at 9:06 am

    as always you never disappoint..wish you all happiness!!

  6. thatguy
    December 13, 2011 at 10:42 am

    dude…..enough said. i have nothing to add

    • December 15, 2011 at 7:27 pm

      Not even “God bless your soul”

      • thatguy
        December 16, 2011 at 1:15 pm

        dude, dont push it.

  7. December 13, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Lily,I always thought he was the lucky one.But,I’ve just realised you are just as lucky.

    You outdo yourself every week man.

  8. December 13, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Lily,I always thought he was the lucky one.But,I’ve just realised,you are just as lucky.

    You outdo yourself every week man.

  9. Mercy
    December 16, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Have just re-read it….that says it all right? sounds like a very “aaaawwww’ couple…im happy 4 them 🙂

    • December 16, 2011 at 4:09 pm

      Someone complained that all my fictional stories have bad endings so i thought i should try that kind of story…

  10. Linda
    December 20, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    The two lovebirds juxtapose love 🙂

  11. skoffwatts
    December 22, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Tear *….

  12. Liberty
    August 21, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    That’s a beautiful,romantic,tear-dropping story!!! Darn it you’re really really good at writing Joey:) Have to re-read it:)

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